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Special Announcement

Emergency Response Level – General Information

(Effective date: 20 September 2022)  

In response to the latest situation of COVID-19, CUHK Medical Centre (the Hospital) has adopted the following measures with effect from 20 September 2022: 

Access Control 

  • For precautionary needs, apart from users of hospital services, i.e. patients, persons accompanying outpatients and visitors of inpatients, all other visitors are required to make appointment in advance. 

General Information 

  • All visitors are required to screen on history of Fever, Travel, Occupation, Contact and Clustering (FTOCC) and receive temperature check before getting into the Hospital. 

  • All visitors are required to wear surgical masks at all times. Visitors who do not comply with this rule will be asked to leave. 

  • The following persons would be directed to Emergency Medicine Centre for medical consultation1
    • Persons presented with fever OR acute respiratory symptoms OR pneumonia OR symptoms included but not limited to sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, vomit, recent loss of taste/ smell
    • Persons under compulsory testing notice but cannot provide all the negative RAT or COVID-19 PCR test results
    • Persons who have recovered from COVID-19 but within 10 days after symptom onset or 1st positive test (for asymptomatic persons)
  • The following persons would be directed to COVID Medical Station for medical consultation (advance booking is required)2
    • Persons tested positive for COVID-19 by either rapid antigen test (RAT) or PCR and wish to seek medical advice
    • Persons under quarantine, including quarantine at home, hotel, residential care home for elderlies/ disabled1

They are otherwise respectfully declined to enter the hospital compound for other purposes.

Note 1: Please refer to the Emergency Medicine Centre Special Arrangement for RAT requirement.  

Note 2: Please refer to COVID Medical Station for service details. 


Please note that the above-mentioned measures are subject to change in accordance with the epidemic situation without prior notice and CUHKMC reserves the rights for final decision.