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Integrative Medicine Clinic Summer San-Fu Tianjiu Therapy 2024

“Summer San-Fu Tianjiu Therapy” 2024

“Summer San-Fu Tianjiu Therapy” uses traditional Chinese herbs with warm properties. The herbs are crushed to be powder form and mixed with ginger juice, then applied to the acupoints on the body. Through the meridians and acupoints, the herb’s effect is allowed to penetrate into the body. It eliminates cold evil in the body and finally tonify the human body.

Phone reservations for enrolment will begin on 17 June 2024 (Monday) at 10:00 am. Please note that there are limited slots available, and enrolment will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

First15 July 2024 (Mon) OR 16 July 2024 (Tue) OR 17 Jul 2024 (Wed)
Second24 Jul 2024 (Wed) OR 25 Jul 2024 (Thu) OR 26 Jul 2024 (Fri)
Third14 Aug 2024 (Wed) OR 15 Aug 2024 (Thu) OR 16 Aug 2024 (Fri)


HKD$540    (Including 3 times treatment)


1/F, Integrative Medicine Clinic, CUHKMC

Service hours:

09:30 to 17:30

Booking number :

3946 6996

Terms & Conditions:
  1. The package treatment is only applicable to the registered participant and cannot be transferred to another person for use.
  2. The treatment fees must be fully paid on the first day of treatment. No refunds will be provided if participants choose to discontinue the treatment due to personal reasons during the course.
  3. CUHK Medical Centre reserves the right of final interpretation and decision-making.

Summer San-Fu Tianjiu Therapy

With the promotion of the application of traditional Chinese medicine, many people have heard of Summer San-Fu Tianjiu, but how did Summer San-Fu Tianjiu come into being? What is the principle behind Summer San-Fu Tianjiu?

The historical origin of Tianjiu moxibustion

The so-called "Tian" refers to the use of seasonal energy to treat the human body or preventive health care on specific days. As early as the Northern and Southern Dynasties, it was recorded in "Jingchu Suishiji"(《荊楚歲時記》): "On the fourteenth day of August, the people used Zhu Shui(朱水) to dot their foreheads, which was called Tianjiu to relieve diseases." The prototype of modern "Tianjiu moxibustion" can be seen in the "Acupuncture and Moxibustion Zisheng Jing" (《針灸資生經》) of the Song Dynasty. The crushed Eclipta grass is pressed on the acupuncture points with copper coins, and a cloth is tied around the outside to fix it, and it is left to foam. Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica"(《本草綱目》) in the Ming Dynasty recorded that dew should be collected on the first day of August and applied to the Gaohuang point to treat diseases, which is called Tianjiu moxibustion. It can be seen that traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of using Tianjiu moxibustion to prevent diseases and strengthen the body. Historically, Tianjiu moxibustion has used a wide variety of drugs, corresponding to diseases of different natures. According to the "Zhang's Medical Tong"(《張氏醫通》) of the Qing Dynasty, white mustard seeds were applied to Feishu, Gaohuang, Tiantu and other acupuncture points in summer to treat cold-type asthma. Modern Chinese medicine follows this method and mainly uses warm medicines applied on acupoints to treat various cold diseases, such as nasal allergies, asthma, coughs, indigestion, chronic diarrhea, constipation, menstrual diseases, cold hands and feet, painful syndromes, etc.

Use the force of nature

Traditional Chinese thought has always attached great importance to the right time, right place, and harmony. Summer San-Fu Tianjiu Therapy is the embodiment of making good use of the right time. Although the summer solstice is the season when the Yang energy is at its strongest, the Yang energy is in a state of dispersion and is difficult to gather and use. In nature, Yang Qi rises and then falls. After the summer solstice, Yang Qi begins to decline and hide. The San-Fu Days are the three "Geng庚 Days" after the summer solstice and before the beginning of Autumn. "Geng" belongs to Metal in Five Elements Theory and has the meaning of "acquisition" and "descending". The word "Fu" also expresses the meaning of the gradual accumulation of Yang energy. After three Geng days, the Yang energy of the continues to decline and be stored in the ground. By the beginning of autumn, when the summer heat is over and the weather is getting cooler, the Yang energy of the human body is also transferred to the storage stage in accordance with the weather.

The principle of external treatment is the principle of internal treatment

Some people think that external used medicines do not need to be taken in, so they do not need to be so precise, but this is not the case. The Qing Dynasty's monograph on external medicine treatment, "Li Yue Pian Wen"(《理瀹駢文》), states: "The principle of external treatment is the principle of internal treatment. The medicine of external treatment is also the medicine of internal treatment." External medicine of Tianjiu moxibustion must also be selected based on medical theory and medicinal properties.

Because topical medicines "must have strong odors to be effective" and "must stimulate the meridians and meridians, and open up the channels and penetrate the bones. The products that can be used to cure diseases are the best." Therefore, aconite, white mustard seeds, asarum and other odorants are used. The strong and powerful medicine can penetrate the cold evil in the body; for the deficiency of Yang energy, use cinnamon to warm and replenish kidney’s Yang Energy and guide the Qi back to its original state. The acupuncture points applied by Tianjiu moxibustion vary from person to person. Doctors select the acupoints corresponding to the organs and according to different physical conditions to make the treatment more targeted.

People suffering from diseases caused by deficiency and cold evil can use the power of warm medicines during this season to dredge the meridians, warm the internal organs, and remove the cold evil from the body; they can also take advantage of the hidden potential of Yang energy in nature to hide Yang energy in the human body , replenishing the human body's Yang energy, thereby reducing the onset of cold diseases, achieving the effect of "treating winter diseases in summer" and strengthening the body.