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Premarital Programme

Premarital Programme

Healthy individuals constitute to a healthy relationship and marriage. Our Premarital Programme (the “Programme”) consists of a series of assessments and tests for couples to have a clear understanding on their health status before getting married and on potential risks of genetic and infectious diseases for better planning of their future family lives.

Doctors will recommend corresponding tests not covered in the Programme, according to participants’ situations and needs, such as AMF on ovarian reserve for female fertility capability and genetic testsnote for underlying genetic diseases. Participants can also choose the one-stop comprehensive clinical genetic evaluation and consultation service provided by our Clinical Genetics Clinic for family planning.


Programme Features

  • Questionnaire on couples’ genetic family history 
  • Specially added tests on Rubella Antibody-IgG and Chickenpox for female
  • Backed by our multi-disciplinary team (including Genetics and Genomics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatric and more) to provide one-stop care for family needs


Programme Details & Fees 


Plan for Women

Plan for Men

Doctor Pre and Post Consultation

Physical Examination & Health Assessment

Complete Blood Count

Blood Grouping & Rh Factor



Rubella Antibody -IgG




Syphilis Screening (RPR)

HIV I & II Antibody

Urine Routine






COUPLE:   $3,730

Note: Optional blood tests on karyotyping and expanded carrier screening are available at additional charges.  


Booking and enquiry: 3946 6188