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22 Jan 2021

CUHK-HKU Study Proves Bright Light Therapy as an Adjunctive Treatment Improves Outcomes in Depressed “Night Owl” Patients

19 Jan 2021

CU Medicine Finds New Evidence for Link between Gut Microbiome and COVID-19 Severity Microbiome Imbalance Might Influence “Long COVID” Risk

08 Jan 2021

CU Medicine Study Proves Pocket-size Mobile Echocardiographic Screening Device Effective in Detecting Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm

CUHK_Faculty of Medicine_CUHKMC_Unveils Muscle Synergies that Make Us Move
25 Dec 2020

A Leg-up to Stroke Survivors: Vincent Cheung Unveils Muscle Synergies that Make Us Move

CUHK_Faculty of Medicne_CUHKMC_Grass Carp_Fish Allergy_Novel Allergenic Marker_Cten i 1
18 Dec 2020

CU Medicine Studies Suggest Grass Carp as a Major Source of Fish Allergy in Hong Kong And Identify Novel Allergenic Marker Cten i 1 to Promote Accurate Diagnosis

CUHK_Faculty of Medicine_CUHKMC_COVID-19_COVID-19 Test_Nasal Strip Test
10 Dec 2020

CUHK Introduces Nasal Strip Sampling for COVID-19 Test As a Superior Tool for Surveillance in a Wide Age-Range Population