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Medical Packages

CUMC Medical Package 

To enhance price transparency and enable patients to better estimate their hospitalisation expense budgets, CUHKMC offers all-inclusive Package Fee, covering procedure-related standard items* of the intended operation(s)/ procedure(s), and we have 2 models:

CUMC Medical Package (CMP)
CMP refers to a fixed package fee for an operation/ procedure, covering all related:
    hospital charges
    doctors’ fees

Integrated Medical Package (IMP)
IMP refers to an integrated package fee for an operation/ procedure, integrating all related:
    hospital charges 
    doctors' fees quoted by individual doctor(s)

As of 8 March 2024, the CMP list includes package fees for 170 day procedures and 317 inpatient procedures, while the IMP list includes package fees for 272 day procedures and 4 inpatient procedures.

*Please refer to "Remarks" for the details and excluded items.

Below are the lists of package fees under CMP. IMP may also be offered for an operation/ procedure by individual doctor or for specific condition of the patient. Please discuss with your doctor. 

^[NOTICE] Medical packages published prior to 8 March 2024 will be subject to price adjustments in July 2024.


    ^[NOTICE] Medical packages published prior to 8 March 2024 will be subject to price adjustments in July 2024.


    CUMC Medical Package (CMP) refers to a fixed Package Fee that covers doctors’ fees and hospital charges in respect of procedure-related standard items and drugs of the intended operation(s)/ procedure(s)*

    * Package Fee will be estimated, and may be subsequently adjusted to a higher level, according to the relevant Medical Condition Level (as explained below) as determined by doctor.


    CMP covers

    1. Doctors’ fees include the fees for surgeon/ physician, anaesthesiologist (if applicable), and ward round.
    2. Room charges (meals are not included)
    3. Operating theatre charges (covering operating theatre time during operating theatre office hours (Monday to Saturday: 08:00 – 18:00) and extra operating theatre time that is clinically indicated or due to complexity of the relevant operation/ procedure)
    4. Hospital Charges in respect of the procedure-related standard items and drugs provided for day procedure or inpatient services at the relevant Medical Condition Level (the room charges and operating theatre charges mentioned above are not listed below) 
      • Essential and related diagnostic procedures (including laboratory test and radiology examination) during hospitalisation
      • Essential and related treatment procedures (including emergency procedure, blood transfusion) that are related to the intended operation/ procedure
      • Nursing procedure 
      • Inpatient medication and up to seven (7) days’ discharge medication that are related to the relevant operation/ procedure as prescribed by the attending doctor(s)
      • Standard equipment and instrument 
      • Standard consumables, standard materials, and standard implant 
      • Complications arising from the relevant operation/ procedure 

    Please also refer to the individual budget estimate form for the terms and conditions that are specific to the package fee for the intended operation(s)/procedure(s).

    Items not covered under CMP 

    1. Companion bed/ guest meal
    2. Changing bed within the same grade of accommodation
    3. Additional operation/ procedure, pharmaceutical item, diagnostic procedures, treatment by other specialists, and sundries not related to the package fee operation/ procedure
    4. Any charges incurred by or any services provided to patient before admission or after discharge of patient, such as consultations before admission or follow-up consultation after discharge
    5. Any other treatment/ services involving pre-existing medical conditions or co-morbidity, including medications for the existing chronic diseases
    6. Personal use items
    7. Please refer to individual package fee budget estimate form for special items that are not covered


    Medical Condition Levels applicable to Package Fee

    Package Fee is charged according to the relevant Medical Condition Level##, which is in turn determined by doctor based on the complexity of the intended inpatient operation/ procedure, individual patient’s health condition (including co-morbidity), and post-operative complications which may require multi-specialty medical consultations, multi-disciplinary care, and the use of high-dependence/ intensive care.

    Day ProcedureStay for Day Procedure only (meals are not included). If overnight stay is required due to a different type of operation/ procedure, a separate budget estimate is required; if inpatient package fee is applicable to such operation/ procedure and such inpatient package fee is suitable for the patient, the budget estimate will be based on the inpatient package fee for such operation/ procedure as applied according to the patient’s Medical Condition Level##.  


    Cover the procedure-related Standard Items and Drugs and relevant room charges (meals are not included). Items/ services not covered under the package fee have to be paid separately. When an inpatient package fee is planned and chosen before hospital admission, it cannot be converted to a day package fee even if overnight stay is finally not required.  The budget estimate for the package fee chosen may have to be upgraded according to the change in Medical Condition Level## due to patient’s pre-existing co-morbidities or complications arising from co-morbidity(ies) or operation/ procedure during hospital stay. 
    ##Medical Condition Levels according to Inpatient’s Condition and Medical Complications 
    Level 1
    • Patient without major co-morbidity. Treatment according to standard treatment without serious complication which requires multi-specialty medical consultation/ multi-disciplinary care.
    Level 2
    •  Patient with significant co-morbidity. Treatment of serious but non-life-threatening medical complication
    Level 3
    • Patient with severe co-morbidity. Treatment of serious and life-threatening medical complication


    Other General Terms and Conditions

    1. Doctor has the right to determine the suitability of the Package Fee according to the individual patient's condition. The Package Fee applies only to patients staying in the room type as specified in the relevant Package Fee budget estimate form, and expires upon discharge.
    2. Any item or service which is not listed as covered under the Package Fee will be charged to and payable by the patient in addition to the Package Fee.
    3. Items and services under the Package Fee are fixed. No refund or exchange for other item or service will be provided if any item or service under the Package Fee has not been performed or supplied for any reason.  
    4. CUHK Medical Centre Limited (“CUHKMC”) may declare the offered Package Fee invalid if the patient is diagnosed with a disease different from his/ her original diagnosis after admission and requires different treatment/ services. The patient, his/ her next-of-kin, guardian or authorised person, will be informed of a new Package Fee for such new course of treatment/services (if package fee is applicable to such new course of treatment/ services and such package fee is suitable for the patient) or the related fees and charges (if Package Fee is not applicable to such new course of treatment/ service or Package Fee is not suitable for the patient), and consent for receiving such new course of treatment/ services and the corresponding budget estimate will be sought from patient before patient receives the new course of treatment/ service.
    5. Package Fee is only applicable to non-emergency operation/ procedure.
    6. CMP is only applicable to Hong Kong residents and for day beds or 4-bed rooms. 
    7. CUHKMC reserves the right of final decision on patients’ suitability for Package Fee. 
    8. CUHKMC reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions stated in relation to Package Fee without prior notice. In case of any dispute, CUHKMC shall have the final right to interpret, and the decision of CUHKMC is final.
    9. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.    


    Admission Deposit 

    1. 50% of the Package Fee amount needs to be paid as a deposit prior to hospital admission.



    1. Day Package Fee needs to be paid in full prior to hospital admission.


    Payment Methods 

    1. Payment can be made by cash, EPS, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay Card, American Express), electronic payments (AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK), cashier orders on a local bank in Hong Kong or other approved payment method listed on the Hospital’s website. 
    2. Cheques are not accepted.