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Sports Well Programme

A sporty lifestyle is welcome for its obvious health benefits. Beyond the more common sports - football, basketball, gym and yoga, many are engaged in higher intensity options such as long-distance running (e.g. Marathon), cross country running, long-distance cycling and triathlon, challenging one’s limit with participation in events local or abroad.

In order to meet the health needs of the active, the CUHK Medical Centre Sports Medicine team specifically designed the Sports Well Health Check Programme for an objective evaluation of health conditions, so you can better prevent injuries and enjoy the joy of sports. 

Programme Features

  • Professional sports medicine analysis – programme designed and managed by CUHK Medical Centre Sports Medicine team, and implemented by medical specialists
  • Flexibility to suit every need – analysis and assessment based on your specific sporting needs and preference
  • Addresses the two facets of sports health – Plan A encompasses musculoskeletal and cardiac health analyses, while Plan B focuses on injury assessment. Both plans are designed to cater to the distinct needs of sports lovers. 

Note: Our Sports Medicine team can tailor-make regular and competition-specific health check programmes for individual amateur or professional sports organizations, such as sports teams or running clubs. If interested, please reach out to the Business Development team via Whatsapp at (852) 5213 2232 or Email at 


Plan A Integrated Assessment Plan

Assessment and evaluation on your musculoskeletal and cardiac health by medical specialists based on sports medicine principles, effective in uncovering latent cardiac conditions and lowering the risk of injury.

Health check includes:

  • General sports medicine survey
  • Blood test for cardiac, liver and renal function assessment
  • Electrocardiogram analysis
  • Clinical assessment on musculoskeletal and cardiac health
Sports Well Integrated Assessment Plan
(Musculoskeletal and cardiac health) 

Special Price: HK$ 2,800

Listed Price: HK$ 3,930)
Blood testComplete Blood Picture/Complete Blood CountGeneral assessment of health conditions and check for diseases, such as anaemia,  immune system dysfunction and so on.
ALTLiver function test
CreatinineRenal function test

Lipid Profile

Includes: total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides, total cholesterol/HDL ratio

For assessment of the lipid level, a high lipid level, such as a high cholesterol condition indicates a higher risk of sports-triggered cardiac condition (myocardial infraction, heart failure)
Glucose FastingDiabetes assessment
HbA1cAssessment of the average glucose level for the past 2 to 3 months
ElectrocardiogramAssessment for heart activity, and potential conditions such as arrhythmia, ventricular hypertrophy, cardiomyopathy
Sports Medicine Clinical Assessment
(takes about 30 minutes)
Medical history assessment and health evaluationEvaluate condition based on related sports’ intensity, any injury or pain conditions, and their effects on your ability to carry out sports activities
General health checkHeight and weight measurement, body mass index, flexibility and mobility of muscles and joints
Cardiovascular disease risk assessmentClinical assessment of risk of Cardiovascular disease
Report review and recommendations by medical specialistMedical specialist assessment and recommendation on sports activities based on blood test, cardiac test, and musculoskeletal test reports 

*For those who choose the aforementioned plans can enhance their package by including a ‘Functional Assessment’ conducted by our physiotherapist at a discounted price of HKD $1,150. This personalized assessment, which addresses individual needs such as musculoskeletal evaluation, gait analysis, strength testing, and more, can be added after undergoing a doctor's evaluation. Please refer to Plan B for a more detailed information about the ‘Functional Assessment’. 

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Plan B Injury Risk Assessment Programme

Orthopaedic surgeon and physiotherapist will analyze your sports background, and assess the risk of injury and/or the reason for recurring injuries. When needed, our sports medicine team will provide advice on your medical and follow-up options, or refer to the appropriate specialist. 

This programme is designed for:

  • Sports players with past or recurring injuries affecting their performance such as:
    • Anterior cruciate ligament tear
    • Muscle tear
    • Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS)
    • Repetitive ankle sprain
    • Rotator cuff tear
  • Sports lovers who wish to lower their risks of injuries

Sports Well Injury Risk Assessment Programme
Special Price: HK$ 2,250

Listed Price: HK$ 3,000)

Clinical assessment and evaluation by orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapist

Medical history assessment and health evaluationReview of sports habits for assessment on sports load and intensity

Review of body condition, injury or pain conditions and their severity (if any), and their effect on sports performance
General health checkHeight and weight measurement, Body Mass Index (BMI)
Functional assessment
(by physiotherapist)

Functional assessment based on sports preference to review muscle strength and control ability

Example: basketball – review muscle strength during jump, and stability of the knees and ankles at landing

Example: long-distance running – conduct posture analysis to review health conditions of muscle groups and ligaments, assess for risk of ITBS and ankle sprain 


Musculoskeletal assessment:
 Review flexibility and mobility 
Gait analysis:
Leveraging the 3D cameras and pressure sensors on the Walkerview treadmill, assess walk or run posture in real-time and leverage data for injury risk assessment
Strength test:
Review muscle strength, endurance and power via isokinetic muscle strength test and grip strength test

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