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Admission Procedures

Thank you for choosing CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC). With a social mission to bridge the service gap between the private and public healthcare systems in Hong Kong, we are dedicated to offering quality healthcare service at affordable and transparent package prices. For a better experience, we have listed in this section the things you might need to know regarding admission, your stay, discharge arrangements and procedures, as well as other questions frequently asked by patients and visitors.

  1. Reservations for admission must be made through CUHKMC’s doctors / doctors granted with admission rights.
  2. To ensure a smooth admission process, please bring along the following documents to the Admission and Cashier Office on the admission day:
    • Valid HKID Card, birth certificate (for children under 11 years of age), passport or travel document(s);
    • Proof of identity of a parent/legal guardian (if applicable);

    • Referral/admission letter issued by your doctor;
    • Budget Estimate;
    • Medical benefit card or letter of guarantee from your insurance company / employer (if applicable).

  3. A deposit is required prior to admission of a patient. The Hospital has direct billing arrangements with selected insurance companies and organisations. If you are a client of the selected insurance companies or an employee of one of these organisations, deposit may be waived, for more information, please refer to Room Charges & Deposit Arrangement and Package Fees.


    • The Hospital accepts various payment methods including cash, credit card (Visa, Master, Union Pay and American Express), Alipay, WeChat Pay, cashier’s order drawn from a local bank or other approved payment methods listed on the Hospital website.  Cheques will not be accepted.
    • A welcome kit will be provided to each admitted patient. Patients may also bring their own clothing/pyjamas, dressing gown, slippers/room shoes, or other personal belongings.
    • Please do not bring along valuables or large amount of cash. Please take care of your personal belongings during your stay as the Hospital will not be responsible for any loss.
    • Visitors should abide by the Hospital’s visiting rules, and the hospital staff’s instructions on infection control. Please click here for the latest announcement. 

    • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Hospital compound.

    • Parking is available at the Hospital.

    Room Type
    Room Facilities

    1-bed room

    • Bathroom
    • Desk
    • Bedside cabinet
    • Closet
    • Infotainment Panel
    • LED television
    • Small safe
    • Mini fridge
    • Free WiFi Service


    Room Type
    Room Facilities

    2-bed room

    • Shared bathroom
    • Bedside cabinet
    • Closet
    • Infotainment Panel
    • Free WiFi Service


    Room Type
    Room Facilities

    4-bed room

    • Shared bathroom
    • Bedside cabinet
    • Closet
    • Infotainment Panel
    • Free WiFi Service

    Photos are for reference only 

    • Each bed is equipped with an infotainment system, through which patients will be able to access free television channels and the Internet, and other services including video call, tele-visit and meal ordering. Patients’ medical history, information of medical procedures and check-ups during the stay, as well as the bill information is also available through the system.

    To enhance price transparency and enable patients to have a better estimation of their budgets, CUHKMC has developed package prices to all operations and procedures. CUHKMC’s package prices cover all costs of the intended operation(s) / procedure(s), including:

    • Doctor’s fee
    • Anaesthesiologist’s fee
    • Room charges (4-bed room only and excluding meal)
    • Essential and related diagnostic procedure charges (including laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging)
    • Treatment procedure charges (including emergency procedure, blood transfusion, etc.)
    • Operating theatre charges (including extra operation theatre time)
    • Nursing procedure charges
    • Inpatient medication fee and up to seven days’ worth of discharge medication related to the condition
    • Equipment and instrument charges
    • Consumable, material, and standard implant charges
    • Costs related to complications (including intensive care and re-operation charges)

    For more information, please refer to Package Fees.

    Except for package charges:

    • Room charge is levied on daily basis (except day cases) with the cut-off time set at 1:00pm. Full day room charge will be levied even if the hospital stay is less than 24 hours. The charge varies depending on room type.

    • Subsequent day: No room charge is levied if patient is discharged before 1:00pm; otherwise, a full-day will be charged.
    • All fees for doctors’ consultation, surgery and anaesthesia should be arranged between the patients and the doctors. Doctors determine their own fees and the Hospital will collect the fees on their behalf.
    Bed transfer

    An administration fee would apply if patient requests transfer of bed of the same class.  

    Change of room type

    Patients request for a higher room type change during their stay, all charges at the rate of higher room rate fee will apply from the day of admission.

    Interim bills

    Hospital charges are payable once every 5 days. An interim bill will be issued. Patients are required to settle the bill within 1 day of issuance. (Except for package charges)

    Discharge arrangements

    All bills must be settled prior to discharge. Please present your deposit receipt upon discharge. You may choose the following payment methods:

    • Cashless payment in your room (credit card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc.);
    • For cash payment, please visit our cashier office at the G/F lobby.
    Insurance Cases

    If payment arrangement has been guaranteed by the hospital's recognised insurance companies and organisations, patients will only be required to settle the deductibles / co-payment / items not covered by selected insurance companies or organisations upon discharge. As policy differs among insurance companies and organisations, we recommend that you contact your insurance company or employer to understand the policy and benefits of your plan better prior to your appointment or admission.

    To enable us to further enhance our service quality, we welcome you to provide us with suggestions and opinions. 

    If you have any suggestions or opinions for us, you may:  

    • contact nurse or department in-charge on the spot 
    • call patient relations manager at 3946 6888 (office hours)
    • complete patient feedback form (the patient feedback form is available at the reception counters at the main lobby, specialist outpatient clinics, admission & cashier counters and nurse stations in wards.)
    • express your suggestions or comments via mail or email: