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Throughout the entire pregnancy journey, expectant mothers are taking tremendous effort both mentally and physically. To give birth at the healthiest mental and physical state, and to recover from pregnancy as soon as possible, pregnant mums, alongside their loved ones, should be well-versed with many pregnancy dos and don’ts. But amidst the countless measures and advice surrounding them, how can one cultivate a healthy lifestyle that paves the way for a fulfilling prenatal and postpartum journey?

In this episode of "Doctor's Insights", Dr Poon Chiu Yee, Liona (Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, CUHKMC) will debunk prevalent myths and misconceptions surrounding pregnancy. With a focus on eating habits, nutritional intake, and prenatal/postpartum exercise, Dr Poon will provide insights on important topics that are, too often than not, poised as paranoids to many expectant mothers.