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Eye Health Programme


Eye Health Programme

Our Eye Health Programme (the “Programme”) is designed for promoting overall eye health consisting of signature examination plans to address different eye conditions. Led by specialists in Ophthalmology from our Eye Centre (the “Centre”) and the professorial team from the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (“DOVS CUHK”). Aside from the examination plans, participants can also receive other treatment and services in the Centre with a wide range of equipment.   Treatment and services include spectacles and contact lens service, consultations, specialised ophthalmic investigations, eye-related health education, prescription of eyedrops and medications, laser and surgical procedures for adults and children; one-stop services to address different eye care needs.


Programme Features

To raise eye care awareness via early detection, signature plans were developed under the Programme to cater for comprehensive eye examination, and for common eye diseases such as dry eye and glaucoma.

  • Comprehensive Eye Examination Plan: a series of eye examinations suitable for annual or regular check-up. 

  • Dry Eye Screening Plan: adopting state-of-the-art ophthalmic technologies for non-invasive screening to offer personalised home-based and clinic-based treatment strategies.

  • Glaucoma AI Screening: a powerful screening plan using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology and big data. The technology adopts a three-dimensional (3D) AI deep learning algorithm invented by DOVS, CUHK derived from machine learning of thousands of 3D Optical Coherence Tomography images to calculate the risk of developing glaucoma. It is a convenient regular screening tool for glaucoma high-risk groups such as with high eye pressure or having certain medical conditions including diabetes and heart disease. 

  • Glaucoma Assessment Plan: apart from the innovative AI-based automated technology for glaucoma assessment, standard ophthalmic investigations by optometrists and technicians, and professional evaluation by ophthalmology specialists are included in this plan.


Programme Details & Fees

Comprehensive Eye Examination Plan
Dry Eye Screening Plan
Glaucoma AI Screening 
Glaucoma Assessment Plan 
  • Measurement of Intra-ocular Pressure
  • Visual Acuity and Refraction Test 
  • Slit-lamp and Fundus Examination by Ophthalmologist  
  • Eye Health Counselling (Healthcare professional to provide eye-related health education and counselling)
  • Dry eye Questionnaire
  • Visual Acuity and Refraction Test
  • Schirmer’s Test 
  • Lipiview 
  • Keratograph
  • Slit-lamp Examination by Ophthalmologist 
  • Report Explanation by Ophthalmologist/ Opthalmology Professor 
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (Nerve Fibre Layer) and AI Programme (Both Eyes)
  • Measurement of Intra-ocular Pressure
  • Visual Acuity and  Refraction Test 
  • Anterior Chamber Angle Measurement 
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (Nerve Fibre Layer) and AI Programme (Both Eyes)
  • Specular Microscopy and Central Corneal Thickness (Both Eyes)
  • Anterior and Fundal Examination 
  • Visual Field Test (Both Eyes)
  • Report Explanation by Ophthalmologist/ Opthalmology Professor  
  • Eye Health Counselling (Healthcare professional to provide health education and counselling)

Fee (HK$)

  • $1,300    

(Ophthalmology Professor)

  • $800 - $1,000    

(In-House ophthalmologist)

  • $2,500    

(Ophthalmology Professor)

  • $2,000   

(In-House ophthalmologist) 

  • $1,600
  • $3,900    

(Ophthalmology Professor)

  • $3,400    

(In-House ophthalmologist)

Remarks: additional charges will be incurred for other medically indicated tests suggested by doctors


Booking and enquiry: 3946 6233