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Around 10.8% to 34.9% of people in Hong Kong suffer from chronic pain, which can negatively affect mood, sleep, memory and concentration, work and social life as well as personal relationships.

Chronic pain is not just treated by painkillers which contribute on average to only a 30% reduction in pain even with strong opioids and have a list of side effects; the effective management of chronic pain is much more than painkillers.

We adopt a comprehensive integrated approach in treating pain by identifying and managing biopsychosocial factors contributing to the pain problems. Treatment includes interventional procedures, physiotherapy, psychological support, and various types of medications. 

Our multidisciplinary team conducts assessment and management of pain conditions including:

  • Neuropathic pain
  • Degenerative musculoskeletal pain
  • Pain pathway dysfunction
  • Cancer pain, etc.

Customised pain management solutions

Chronic pain can be a complex problem. That is why we manage all patients on a customised individual basis.

Each patient will undergo a comprehensive pain assessment process which forms the basis of their personalised chronic pain management plan. We will discuss the combination of treatment options to find the best treatment pathway for your pain problem.

We provide a range of effective chronic pain management solutions, including conservative and interventional treatment for patients. The aim of these treatments is to reduce pain and improve quality of life.


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