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21Dec 2022

Phase Two Expansion of Jockey Club Kitchee Centre Marks a Greater Capacity and Higher Level of Service

The Opening Ceremony of the Phase Two Expansion of the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre was held today to celebrate the completion of the 4-year project by Kitchee Foundation Limited. Recognised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) as an “AFC Medical Centre of Excellence”, the CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee began operational today along with The Kitchee Bistro, a sports nutrition canteen. They will now serve all professional and youth football players, as well as sports enthusiasts, with the most prestigious level of sports science and nutrition.

Among the distinguished guests were Dato’ Dr. Gurcharan SINGH, Chairman of the AFC Medical Committee, Dr. FUNG Hong, Chief Executive Officer of CUHK Medical Centre, Professor YUNG Shu-hang, Patrick, Professor and Chairman, Department Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Faculty of Medicine of CUHK, Mr. Ken K. NG, Chairman of Kitchee Foundation, and Dr. C. C. LUK, Chairman of the Kitchee Medical Committee. Mr. Ken K. NG, Chairman of Kitchee Foundation, remarked that the expansion project marked a major breakthrough in Hong Kong football with latest sport science and nutrition innovations. “Despite trials, Kitchee will continue to press forward as a Club and an icon for Hong Kong football. The introduction of new innovations and advanced sciences motivated Kitchee to seize the opportunity to take football into a more professional and scientific level. The Centre will play a stronger role to ensure that young players are in their best condition for every training and match, developing their potential to the fullest to bring glory to Hong Kong.”

Guided by the principles of sports medicine, the CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee is operated by the orthopaedics team of the CUHK Medical Centre. It provides treatments for sports-related injuries or musculoskeletal damages using innovative and advanced medical equipment. The Medical Clinic is capable of treating pre-existing sports-related injuries, rehabilitation and injury prevention, as well as providing assessment on players’ physical condition with the help of innovative sports science equipment, enhancing their performance on the pitch. It will also be a hub for the development of sports medicine and sports science by performing data collection and analysis on footballers of different ages for research purposes, which will be used in publication, promotion, and application for sports science.

The CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee was the result of the collaboration between Kitchee Foundation and the CUHK Medical Centre. The soft launch of the Medical Clinic began in June, providing daily support to all Kitchee players, as well as accepting appointments and treating patients who were suffering from sports-related injuries. Dr. FUNG Hong, Chief Executive Officer of CUHK Medical Centre, expected that the Medical Clinic, as a specialised sports medicine centre, would be a landmark for sports development in Hong Kong. “CUHK Medical Centre is a non-profit, private teaching hospital, taking care of the various medical needs in the community. We are honoured to cooperate with Kitchee to advocating sports science to the local community, such that more sports lovers and public members could understand more about sports medicine, injury prevention and enhancement of sports performance. Through the CUHK Medical Clinic@Kitchee, we hope we can help drive the development of sports medicine, while making contributions to the local sports community.”

The Kitchee Bistro is crucial in fulfilling the Club’s vision in practising and promoting sports science and nutrition management. Built upon the values of sports nutrition, The Kitchee Bistro has designed a series of diet plans for players to suit their needs during regular training, match days, and recovery. These diet plans will help all players to get the nutrients desperately needed after vigorous exercise for refuelling, thus increasing performance on the pitch. Young players can learn the importance of a balanced dieting lifestyle, cultivating a diet essential to becoming a professional football player during their developmental phase. This season, The Kitchee Bistro has been providing meals for the First Team, and youth team players who participate in the Premier Youth League, ensuring that all players are well nourished and prepared for matches.

Besides the specialised menu for football players, The Kitchee Bistro has undergone researches and experiments to craft a menu that appeals to both the mouth and the body, finding the balance between taste and nutrition, and is available to the public. Staying true to the Club’s pursuit of a nutritious eating lifestyle, all dishes are reviewed by registered dietitians to ensure that they are both delicious and healthy, creating a low sugar, low oil, and low fat dining experience.

Kitchee Foundation Limited announced the Phase Two Expansion Project for the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre on 28 March 2018. An additional level has been built on top of the Amenity Building, allowing the Centre to house the new facilities. Additional floodresistant measures have also been implemented to allow the Centre to withstand extreme weather. The multi-purpose seminar room on the first floor is well-equipped with multimedia devices for conference use, as well as for the First Team and youth teams to hold their pre-match tactical meetings in the seminar room. The seminar room is also open to the general public upon reservation for activities such as seminars and workshops.