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Ventral Hernia


Paraumbilical hernia with dead intestines

These hernias appear around the belly button and come through a defect in abdominal muscles. In epigastric hernias, fat inside the abdomen squeezes through a small hole through the fascia. These hernias can be painful but since the size of defect small, the organs being stuck is low. Paraumbilical hernias are usually larger than epigastric or umbilical hernias and require surgery because of the risk


Both epigastric and periumbilical hernias can be repaired with open or laparoscopic surgery. Surgery involves repair of the area of weakness and return of the abdominal contents back into their normal position. Small to moderate sized epigastric and periumbilical open hernia repairs can be performed under local anaesthetic. Laparoscopic repair may be indicated for patients with large defects, occult hernias, or larger body habitus. Both procedures will require placement of mesh to repair the defect.