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Special Announcement

Establishment of CUHK Medical Centre Planning Office

Establishment of CUHK Medical Centre Planning Office

24 Mar 2015



24 March 2015 was a remarkable day for the CUHK Medical Centre’s (CUHKMC) project – the day when the Planning Office was established. CUHK Medical Centre Planning Office is located on the 12th floor of CUHK Cheng Yu Tung Building, right opposite to and overseeing the site of CUHKMC. The opening ceremony for the office was honoured by the presence of CUHK management team and directors of CUHKMC.

Looking backward, “CUHK Medical Centre” was adopted as the name of the private teaching hospital in 2014 to indicate its entire ownership by CUHK and determination to become a centre of excellence in the medical field in Hong Kong. With the effort of multiple parties along the way, the establishment of the Planning Office has signified the official beginning of the intensive planning activities for the hospital towards its service commencement.