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11Mar 2024

Bowtie partners with CUHK Medical Centre to launch the "Medical Insurance + Wellness" Package

From left to right:
Mr. Jacky LIO, Chief Medical Officer of Bowtie
Mr. Fred NGAN, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bowtie;
Dr. Hong FUNG, Chief Executive Officer of CUHK Medical Centre

Bowtie, Hong Kong's first virtual insurer1 , is thrilled to announce the partnership with CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC), introducing the latest "CUHKMC Wellness Package". This is Bowtie's second VHIS rider plan2; Bowtie aims to continue its previous collaboration with another hospital, proactively promoting a one-stop "Medical Insurance + Wellness" solution for customers residing in different regions, enabling them to enjoy high-end private medical services at an affordable price.

Full Reimbursement for 360+ Medical Packages with Transparent Prices

Bowtie, CUHKMC, and other private hospitals engaged in the "Pilot Programme for Enhancing Price Transparency for Private Hospitals", shared an aligned rationale of enhancing transparency in pricing by promoting fixed-priced medical packages, enabling customers to clearly acknowledge their medical expenses and manage their medical budget accordingly.

For Bowtie’s VHIS-Flexi Plan customers who have selected the "CUHKMC Wellness Package", Bowtie will provide full reimbursement for a wide range of package fees, including 139 day procedures and 228 inpatient operation/ procedures packages.

It covers all doctors’ fees and all hospital charges for procedure-related standard items and drugs, which also cover expenses over complications and intensive care arising from the operation/procedure, ensuring they are spared from unexpected financial burdens and could focus solely on their treatment.

One-stop "Medical Insurance + Wellness" Solution for "Cashless Hospitalisation" Experience

In addition to helping patients have a clearer understanding of their medical budgets, through forging closer collaboration with CUHKMC, Bowtie endeavors to streamline the medical record retrieval process for insurance companies by facilitating the adoption of pre-approval application services, in order to significantly shorten or even waive patients’ long waiting for the reimbursement, which could often amount to substantial sums. 

Currently, Bowtie offers its VHIS customers the convenience of downloading the pre-approval form online, and having it filled out by their attending doctors. Once the case is approved, customers will be eligible for the "Cashless Hospitalisation" service. While for the customers who have selected "CUHKMC Wellness Package", they will be issued a specific medical card; by presenting this card for identification purposes, CUHKMC will automatically initiate a pre-approval application to Bowtie on behalf of the patient, eliminating their need to undertake any administrative procedures throughout the entire process.

Yearly Personalised Free Check-ups with Targeted Examinations Recommended by Doctors

In alignment with the "Early Detection & Timely Intervention" principle outlined in the "Primary Healthcare Blueprint" and considering the increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses among the population, Bowtie and CUHKMC offer comprehensive and tailored physical examination for customers who have selected the "CUHKMC Wellness Package".

Unlike the conventional physical examination packages, the customers will be able to enjoy a thorough health consultation session and annual body check at free of charge, as well as BowtiePoints equivalent to HKD 1,500 to manage their personal health effectively. After consultation with a doctor for their professional advice, the customers will be able to conduct an all-rounded body check; after that, they can also use BowtiePoints to choose from over 20 targeted examination items or health services based on their specific needs.

Fred NGAN, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bowtie, stated, "We have received a very positive response to the first rider product, nearly 20% of Bowtie’s VHIS-Flexi Plan policyholders have chosen to select it. We are confident that introducing similar offerings in partnership with CUHK Medical Centre will enable us to innovate on top of the solid foundation built by VHIS, better cater to medical and wellness needs of citizens residing in the New Territories through transparent prices."

Dr. Hong FUNG, Chief Executive Officer of CUHK Medical Centre, said, "We are delighted to collaborate with Bowtie in providing convenient and quality healthcare services to the public. Package fee is transparent and predictable to both patient and insurance company. This collaboration demonstrates the beauty of package fee, leading to a win-win situation for all three parties. On the other hand, the annual free check-up offered by Bowtie can encourage the public to develop the habit of attending health checks on a regular basis, echoing one of the goals of primary healthcare - early detection and early treatment."

The "CUHKMC Wellness Package'' is now available for Bowtie’s VHIS Flexi Plan customers, with a monthly premium of HK$200 regardless of age and gender3. To learn more about the details, please visit:


Bowtie is the first company authorized by Hong Kong’s Insurance Authority under its Fast Track Pilot Scheme

2 "CUHKMC Wellness Package" is not a certified plan under VHIS

3 "CUHKMC Wellness Package" must be paired with the Bowtie’s VHIS-Flexi Plan and cannot be purchased independently