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11Dec 2023

Manulife Hong Kong and CUHK Medical Centre Expand Partnership To Offer Cashless Pre-Approval Service for CUHK Medical Centre’s Over 300 All-Inclusive Hospital Packages

Manulife Hong Kong and CUHK Medical Centre expand partnership to offer a cashless pre-approval service for CUHK Medical Centre’s over 300 all-inclusive hospital packages, covering endoscopic and surgical procedures. From left: Carrie TONG, Chief Operations Officer, Manulife Hong Kong and Macau, and Dr. Hong FUNG, Chief Executive Officer of CUHK Medical Centre

Manulife Hong Kong and CUHK Medical Centre announced today the expansion of their partnership to offer a cashless pre-approval service for over 300 all-inclusive hospital packages, including endoscopic and surgical procedures, provided by CUHK Medical Centre. Upon obtaining pre-approval, Manulife customers with selected medical plans can now access these hospital packages without paying upfront, thereby ensuring increased peace of mind and flexibility.

The expanded partnership between Manulife Hong Kong and CUHK Medical Centre underscores their shared commitment to meeting the community’s growing health and protection needs. This collaboration is in line with Manulife’s strategic vision of expanding its medical provider network in Hong Kong and other cities within the Greater Bay Area (GBA), as well as in other parts of Mainland China. It also aligns with CUHK Medical Centre’s mission of delivering quality healthcare services at predictable package fees.

“We are proud of our extended partnership with CUHK Medical Centre, which has enabled us to give our customers with selected medical plans easy access to a diverse range of all-inclusive hospital packages covering day and inpatient medical services, all at predictable prices,” said Carrie TONG, Chief Operations Officer at Manulife Hong Kong and Macau. “CUHK Medical Centre’s commitment to quality patient-centred services and clinical excellence perfectly aligns with our own dedication towards providing an exceptional customer journey.”

The all-inclusive packages provide Manulife customers with budget certainty while offering well-rounded medical coverage and professional medical services. These packages include hospital room and board, surgeon’s fees, doctor’s visits, medical appliances and more – all under the established clinical governance of CUHK Medical Centre.

Dr. Hong FUNG, Chief Executive Officer of CUHK Medical Centre, said: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Manulife, which we believe will bring about a synergy in delivering quality patient care to those in need. By integrating our package fees with Manulife’s cashless pre-approval arrangement, we aim to provide a seamless and hassle-free patient journey, making it a truly one-stop experience. This echoes well with our patient-first rationale and our mission of providing healthcare services at predictable fees to the community.”

In-person and onsite support for a seamless medical experience

As part of the expanded partnership, customers with designated plans can benefit from the dedicated support of Manulife's Personalized Medical Case Managers (PMCM). The PMCM team, which includes registered nurses and professionals with healthcare backgrounds, will be assigned to assist customers throughout their treatment journey and ease any health worries they may have. Moving forward, the PMCM service will be expanded to cover other complex surgeries.

In addition, onsite ambassadors will be available at CUHK Medical Centre to provide Manulife customers with on-the-spot support for cashless pre-approval, hospital services, and language assistance. This ensures that customers have a superior experience and feel reassured during their visit to CUHK Medical Centre.

This latest collaboration builds on Manulife’s earlier partnership with CUHK Medical Centre in 2021, which provided Manulife customers with priority access to CUHK Medical Centre’s oncologists for a one-time, free independent medical consultation.